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To start with what is skin betting and why it‘s so popular? „Skin betting is the use of virtual goods, which are most commonly cosmetic elements which have no direct influence on game play, as virtual currency to bet on the outcome of professional matches or on other games of chance.“ In other words you can earn or trade skins from playing video games, however you can also buy them from others.

Such a popularity of this type of betting increased amount of external skin betting sites. In order to „cash out“ real money, users have to circle back to proprietary marketplaces and sell their skins. It became such a mainstream over the last couple years that people started sharing different and sometimes negative stories.

How to be sure that video game betting site is worth to try?

Even though you can earn or lose a lot of money from skin betting most of betting sites don‘t have age restrictions that can lead to big amount of youngsters that can try this type of gambling. Teenagers or non professionals that do not have enough knowledge in video games betting industry, are in a risk to bee scammed. However, each of trustworthy video game betting sites works very hard to keep their players safe.

It is not that easy to tell which of the sites worth to try out. There are numerous options that I trust but from my point of view you need to look for:

• Betting lines
• Payout/deposit methods
• Games
• Your personal location etc

My favorite sites that I don‘t think you‘ll be disappointed is Drakelounge. I agree it had some issues in the past but at the moment Drakelounge worked its way and fixed major problems that people were annoyed with the most. Because of one of the biggest problems that Drakelounge had – withdrawing system, it had some trust issues. Now it gives a variety of betting opportunities, deliver nice customer service and last but not least – provide safe and on time payments.

There are other high profile options where you can bet and be sure of getting your winnings safely and on time. Pick those that are based on your own criteria.

Many people won money on game betting websites, however a lot of gamblers still enjoyed the experience, even if they lost. It‘s a natural process and you can’t always win so be sure to play safe and have fun!