You are probably wondering why getting paid to play video games wasn’t your first option after graduation? Well in this career, you might get paid because of constant work while having fun because this job takes the same amount of daily practice and dedication required of any other professions. However, the main question is – what does a professional gamer actually do?

If you enjoy playing games now and then, it might not be your path because you wouldn’t make it very far. To develop your skills and start being noticed by sponsors takes a while – especially if gaming area is eSports. Ranking highly can land you a spot to try yourself in paying tournaments and if you succeed you can wait for lucrative sponsorship deal. The path to eSport stardom is a long road and not everyone gets a chance in this industry.

Perhaps the easiest way to start building a name for yourself is to choose the right websites and to compete against other skilled players. However, settle on a game first and don’t forget that each player’s earnings differ from the popularity of the game.

Betting might be an option too

Most of the times betting in esports is not considered as serious way to make a living from. If you are not a risk taker try with skin betting. Skins or items are holding gameplay function, some of the platforms allow users to trade with each other (these can be weapons, skins, badges, knives etc). Esports and skin gambling is a feature that gamers can participate in because users can deposit their Skins into a website that will generate a value of it. However, you need to be careful and always shop for the best value. Be smart, you can never predict the outcome so always study the teams, their best maps, even events being online/offline.

So good luck and take your gaming to a new level!