game testing

Every game need to be tested, so that’s what I’m doing in my free time. Yeah, I know sounds crazy, but yup, I’m a game tester and getting money for that job.

Main core of this work is to play new games and to write a comments with your tips, suggestions and other related stuff. This helps game releasers to see game from unrelated people point of view and to improve the game.

Game testing is not a new thing, but there are few forms of it. I mentioned the comments that are directly sent to game owners, so, this is one of the game testing forms. Another one is to create video. It’s known as vlog. In this video you describe game advantages and disadvantages. So u getting not only game owner view, but also other gamers views. As I know, in Youtube this way u could earn money. So I did choose this option.

If you would like to try game testing by yourself – first try to search online platforms where game owners search for testers like you. Then contact them and negotiate about your payment which u’ll get after testing is done. This is first option. Second one is to find a new game and release a video talking about bugs and other issues – this will guarantee you lots of reviews.

Test games and work none of the days, cos it’s games dude!