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How promo codes can help?

When starting out on a new betting website, it can be a little bit difficult: you need to put a deposit and you might not even know yet whether you should trust the website or not. In these cases, promo codes can help.

Use of promo code

This kind of trusted betting code can help not only when you are starting out in a betting website, but also when you want to get a little bit more money to bet.

Why should you do that?

Before you bet, you should check the odds of you winning. The better the odds, the more money you can bet, and the more money you bet, the more you can win. Sometimes one extra dollar on your bet can result in a bigger amount of money you can withdraw.

Hobbies that make you money

Of course, you are not probably going to get a lot of promo codes for actual casinos. But when working with specific betting websites, you can try and find a few good solutions.

For example, if you like to play CSGO or LOL, you can watch professional teams and bet on their victories. If you guess which team is going to win, you can easily make a few dollars on the side.

Using promo codes can be very beneficial when you are sure about your odds. After all, just one more extra dollar can result in your big win.

Visitor statistics in betting websites: why they matter?

Each website is different not only by design, but also by the amount of people that are using it. This not only affects the decisions made by the developer team, but can also influence the user experience.

Influence on user experience

You can compare a busy website to a busy online game. For example, when a lot of people are connected to play CSGO or LOL, you see a slowdown from the server side as it cannot give high quality and fast services to everybody at the same time.

The same is with betting or other websites that have multiple people in it at the same time. You can see an example here. When there are a lot of people connected at the same time and they are making decisions on who is going to win, it might influence other bettors.

Let’s take an example: 2017 China regional CSGO finals. There were 95 votes for TyLoo and 172 EHOME. When a new visitor comes online, it might influence his or her voice: if a lot of people are rooting for EHOME, maybe they should too?

Influence on servers

We have all been there: you are playing or betting and the website crashes because there were too many requests. Keeping an eye on the usage statistics, you can see when you should visit the website: maybe there are hours when there are less than usual visitors?

The amount of website visitors is important not only to the developers, but also to users. By knowing the load, you can better plan your visit time.

Why should you use a VPN?

Have you ever been in a situation when you are online and you enter a website, and it says you cannot use it in your country? This is a usual problem for people who like gambling, as not all betting websites work in every country. In these instances, you can use a VPN.

Benefits of VPN

If you never used a VPN or virtual private networks, you are missing out. These networks provide more than a few benefits:

  • you can improve your privacy security, as no one will see your internet activity;
  • you can go around country censorship rules (this is important if you are visiting such countries as Turkey or China);
  • you can use another location as your own (again this is useful when visiting countries that have limited access to some websites);
  • you can use Peer-to-peer download more securely.

When to use

Of course, not in every instance you need a VPN. For example, you are just playing MMO video games like CSGO, you don’t need to get a secure network connection.

But there are at least a few cases when this network can help you:

  • when you need to access a trusted betting website (some countries don’t allow it);
  • when you are on holiday in a country with restricted internet access;
  • when you need to safely use a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Using VPNs is quite easy. You just install the required software and enjoy the benefits!

Game testing thing – is it new or what?

Every game need to be tested, so that’s what I’m doing in my free time. Yeah, I know sounds crazy, but yup, I’m a game tester and getting money for that job.

Main core of this work is to play new games and to write a comments with your tips, suggestions and other related stuff. This helps game releasers to see game from unrelated people point of view and to improve the game.

Game testing is not a new thing, but there are few forms of it. I mentioned the comments that are directly sent to game owners, so, this is one of the game testing forms. Another one is to create video. It’s known as vlog. In this video you describe game advantages and disadvantages. So u getting not only game owner view, but also other gamers views. As I know, in Youtube this way u could earn money. So I did choose this option.

If you would like to try game testing by yourself – first try to search online platforms where game owners search for testers like you. Then contact them and negotiate about your payment which u’ll get after testing is done. This is first option. Second one is to find a new game and release a video talking about bugs and other issues – this will guarantee you lots of reviews.

Test games and work none of the days, cos it’s games dude!

Professional gamer as a profession?

You are probably wondering why getting paid to play video games wasn’t your first option after graduation? Well in this career, you might get paid because of constant work while having fun because this job takes the same amount of daily practice and dedication required of any other professions. However, the main question is – what does a professional gamer actually do?

If you enjoy playing games now and then, it might not be your path because you wouldn’t make it very far. To develop your skills and start being noticed by sponsors takes a while – especially if gaming area is eSports. Ranking highly can land you a spot to try yourself in paying tournaments and if you succeed you can wait for lucrative sponsorship deal. The path to eSport stardom is a long road and not everyone gets a chance in this industry.

Perhaps the easiest way to start building a name for yourself is to choose the right websites and to compete against other skilled players. However, settle on a game first and don’t forget that each player’s earnings differ from the popularity of the game.

Betting might be an option too

Most of the times betting in esports is not considered as serious way to make a living from. If you are not a risk taker try with skin betting. Skins or items are holding gameplay function, some of the platforms allow users to trade with each other (these can be weapons, skins, badges, knives etc). Esports and skin gambling is a feature that gamers can participate in because users can deposit their Skins into a website that will generate a value of it. However, you need to be careful and always shop for the best value. Be smart, you can never predict the outcome so always study the teams, their best maps, even events being online/offline.

So good luck and take your gaming to a new level!